Water Resources Development/Water Reuse Technology

  • Brackish water desalination plant (Tunisia)

  • Deep well facility operated with a pedal pump, equipped with an aeration tank for iron removal(Guinea)

Staff members of Japan Techno have continuously been staying in various parts of the world, working for offering technological service for the development and conservation of water resources, including groundwater, with its activities typically ranging from planning, surveying, designing to supervising of the project execution.

The global population is estimated to have spiraled to a level of 7 billion, and their access to safe water targeted in the UN millennium development goals seems to have acquired enhanced importance. In order to contribute to the achievement of this goal, we have so far participated in projects of this sector across the world for ensuring safe and stable drinking water for residents. A part of recently published statistics and studies for the sector see considerable improvement as a result of development efforts in 20 years. However, the fact is there are still extensive underdeveloped areas such as sub-Saharan African countries where proper drinking water facilities are keenly needed.. We believe that the development and conservation of water resources will further increase its level of importance in the years ahead, together with such an issue as the global climate change.

In this circumstance we have longstanding experience in formulation and execution of projects for water resource development, particularly through the exploration of groundwater, Technology for desalination of brackish water has recently been added to our approach and is expected to reinforce and expand our activities in this sector.

Surveys and Activities

  • Inventory of existing water sources
  • Landsat image analysis
  • Geophysical surveys
  • Groundwater level monitoring
  • Stream flow monitoring
  • Test drilling program、Water quality evaluation
  • Assessment of regional water resource potentials
  • Formulation of master plan for water development and conservation
  • Detailed design study, Supervision of project execution and so on

Deep well drilling work in progress
(Papua New Guinea)

Field water quality examination (Zambia)

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