Capacity Development

  • Training for Operation and Maintenance of Generator
    (Madagascar Technical Cooperation Project)

  • Sensibilization for Water Comitee
    (Senegal Technical Cooperation Project)

Recognizing capacity development at all levels is important for improvement of water and sanitation sector in the development countries, Japan Techno has provided consulting services in these area. For instance, improvement of basic infrastructure such as rural water supply facilities through “Grant Aid Scheme” shall be achieved only if the user communities are well organized for operation and maintenance of the facilities. We are providing support in social development at grass root level through preparation of community action plan for operation and maintenance, establishment and capacity building of community-based organization such as water user association, and provision of various training. Moreover, capacity development of government sector is also another issue of significance. We are engaged in preparation of master plan through “Development Study” and technology transfer to the counterpart organization of recipient government, as well as development and dissemination of national operation and maintenance of model in water and sanitation sector through “Technical Cooperation Project”.

Surveys and Activities

  • Socio-economic survey
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Participatory development
  • Organizational and institutional development
  • Gender
  • Capacity development trainings

Baseline Survey
(Zambia Technical Cooperation Project)

Training for Municipal Government Members
(Madagascar Technical Cooperation Project)

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