Environmental Protection/Renewable Energy/Solid Waste Management

  • Rural water supply facility adopting solar energy system (Senegal)

  • Rural water supply facility adopting solar energy system(Papua New Guinea)

The global climate change appears to pose a great threat to the existence of human being in future. Nowadays such potential threat has been recognized worldwide as a serious issue to be addressed unanimously by the international communities. However, since developing countries lack means to cope with this situation in terms of technology and fund, most of them seek support of developed countries. In Japan’s ODA, projects employing clean energy sources have recently been in promotion as means to contribute to mitigation of the estimated threat.

In this sector, our company was given chances in 1992 to take the initiative through the implementation of a rural water project for Senegal in which the entire power sources were obtained by solar power generating systems. Subsequently we have expanded our experiences in this sector through successfully implementing a similar type of projects in the countries such as Gambia, Togo, Guinea, El Salvador and Papua New Guinea.

In the sector of solid waste management, we mobilize our expertise and experience for projects for urban cities in developing countries where issues of domestic and industrial solid wastes have increasingly been threatening. Our service in this sector consists of (a) project planning mainly for the procurement of equipment and vehicles essentially required for collection, transportation and disposal of solid waste, (b) supervisory service during the procurement stage and (c) execution of relevant soft component program for strengthening capacity of local service agencies in operation and management.

In the initial stage of the implementation of the projects, we usually undertake environmental impact assessment of the project to comply with requirements of both donor agency and the governments of recipient countries. In addition, we have experience in monitoring survey of regional water quality and atmospheric conditions.

Surveys and Activities

  • Water quality monitoring
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Detailed design for the projects
  • Supervising of project implementation and equipment procurement
  • Training for proper utilization of procured equipment

Rural Water Supply facility adopting
solar power System(Gambia)

Monitoring of wind movement with a
monitoring mast of 40 m in height
(South Africa)

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